How To Style Your Skeleton Hoodie?
02.15.2022 | Naria | BLOG

We've introduced different kinds of fun skeleton hoodies, now do you have trouble with how to style them? Don't worry, let's take a look at tips on how to match your skull hoodie.


Create Casual Style

Skeleton print clothes are more street style, which is more casual. In the past two years, people have had more time to stay at home and paid more attention to the comfort of wearing and their own experience. If you want to wear a more comfortable, casual style to the end, then you can wear a pair of sweatpants and platform sneakers. This is also an attempt by more and more fashionistas, who don't care about other people's opinions, but only focus on their own ideas and wearing experience.


Neutralize Aggression With Gentle Bottoms

If you haven’t tried a skull print before, it’s your first time trying, and you want to neutralize the aggressiveness of this pattern, then I suggest you neutralize this feeling with gentle bottoms like skirts. You can choose some lighter sweatshirts or T-shirts, which are a very good choice to tuck into your skirt.


Skeletons Can Be Sexy Too

Can a skeleton be sexy? Yes! Here's some ways to make the skull hoodie in your wardrobe sexy. You only need to follow one principle: Only one part of the body is showed. Otherwise, it seems to be too much. First you can wear a hoodie that covers your hips, then a skirt and shorts that expose your legs for a sexy "bottoms-missing" look. The second method is to find a hoodie that shows your navel, or fold your oversized hoodie, a great way to secure it is to roll it into your underwear. A pair of wide-leg jeans can be worn to style it for a very healthy and sexy look.


Off-Duty Sports Style

For many people, starting a workout in their spare time has become a daily routine. The skeleton sweatshirt is also very suitable for creating a sports style. You only need to add a pair of leggings or cycling pants to create a very convenient sports style. Even better, this outfit is very versatile, suitable for all occasions except for special dress codes. The cotton material of the sweatshirt can absorb sweat well and can also be worn when exercising.


Garnish With Some Jewelry

More and more fashionistas have found the subtle role of jewelry. It can add the finishing touch to your overall matching, and even better, it can directly make an ordinary outfit ingenious. To complement a skeleton print outfit, you can pair it with jewelry with a skull motif of the same theme for a harmonious overall feel.



Skull print clothes have long been accepted and loved by fashion people because of their unique cultural connotations and ever-changing styles. While we give some advice, how you dress is entirely up to you, because you are what you wear. You just need to pick the style that you feel comfortable with.